November 22nd: Blue Team Wins This Week!

The winning question: Why is there a greater percentage of women in Media Studies?

Some reasons students cited for choosing this question:

- I wanted to know if gender stereotypes and inequality are responsible for this trend.

- It's cool to see that kind of information about a major for the first time.

- There are social implications for gender breakdown in fields of study.

November 15th: Pink Team Wins Question of the Week!

The winning question: What extracurriculars were you involved in and how did you manage your time?

Some reasons students chose this question:

* This question is useful, because it applies to everyone and every major.

* I am looking into extracurriculars as well and want to get some tips/advice on how to manage my time wisely.

* I thought this was interesting because everyone struggles and goes through trials in order to understand what works for them.

November 8th: YELLOW Team Wins Question of the Week!

The winning question: "Given that the science of global warming is so sound, why are there people that still don't believe in climate change?"

Some reasons students voted for this question:

-This is very relevant, as right now we are either voting for someone who believes in climate change or does not.
-I chose it because its a controversial question that many, like myself, want the answer to.
-I chose this question because I've never understood how people could deny such clear and indisputable facts.

November 1st: Team Orchid Wins Again!

The winning question:  What are other physical science intro courses besides Astro 10?

Green Team came in a close second with its question about what the panelists' friends (from the same major) are doing now.

October 25th: Team Orchid Wins!

The winning question: at what point is a person considered a philosopher?

Some reasons cited:

"It's interesting to see how different areas can intersect and come together between majors." 

"I always wondered if being a philosopher was an actual profession."

October 18th: Yellow Team Wins Again!

The winning question: "What would you be doing if you weren't teaching at the University?" 

Some of the reasons:
- I love to hear that they love teaching, but also have wide variety of options and opportunities outside of teaching
- It's interesting to hear how passionate they are about their craft
- Great to hear that any major has lots of options!

October 11th: Yellow Wins Question of the Week!

The winning question: What is the equivalent of research opportunities in the sciences with your majors in art and humanities?

Some reasons students voted for this question: 

- I didn't know you could do research outside of the sciences.
- It was interesting to hear what kind of research you could do in arts and humanities.
- I didn't know you could do research outside of your major.

October 4th: We have a tie!

This week the Green and Orchid teams tied the Q of the week contest. The winning questions:

Green: In each of your fields, what is the next big frontier?

Orchid: How did you narrow down your options in the biological sciences to find your chosen field?


September 27th: Green Team Wins!

The winning question: "What gets you fired up?"

Some reasons:

 "I thought it was interesting to see which things keep them motivated."

"Chose it because everyone who talked today seemed genuinely passionate about what they do, which is rare and really cool to hear about."

Pink was a close second, with the question about office hours.

September 20th: Orchid Team wins Question of the Week!

The winning question: What type of work gives you the most joy and why?

Some reasons students cited for choosing this question:

"I chose this question because I believe enjoying your job is extremely important for one's happiness."

"I chose this because all 3 majors seem very abstract, and so I was interested in what their everyday work is like."