The library assignment this fall is simple:

1) attend your scheduled library tour.
2) take a photo at a branch library (i.e. not Moffitt or Doe) and post it with a caption on the site we will provide. Details below:

Visit Another Library - NOT Doe, Main Stacks or Moffitt!

DUE DATE: November 17 or November 18, at the time your discussion section begins.

Visit a library you haven’t visited before; select from one of the following libraries (some campus libraries are not on the list for practical reasons):

Institute of Research on Labor
Institute of Governmental Studies
Business & Economics
Institute of Transportation Studies
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Earth Sciences/Map Collection
East Asian Library
Public Health
Environmental Design Library (not Archives)
Social Welfare
Ethnic Studies

Another way to approach this assignment, with a side benefit for yourself, is to find a new study space.

Find the Library Map and Hours links from the Library home page at

From the Library home page, under Libraries, find the web page for the library you’re planning to visit. Get a sense of the kinds of resources they have that you might find useful.

At the library: Most (not all) libraries have the following features you should know about:

Where you go to check out books (Circulation Desk)
Where you go to ask questions (Reference or Circulation Desk)
Reference books (such as dictionaries and encyclopedias) - you can look up info or get started on research – usually must be used at the library and can’t be checked out
Floor plan/map of call numbers
Study space, sometimes group study areas
Scanners and printers
Public access computers
Current periodicals: most academic libraries keep older issues in the “stacks” next to books and other materials by call number. These older issues are bound together by year – all 1994 issues will be in one volume, next to the 1995 volume, etc. Current issues are “unbound” – not yet bound – and they are usually in a different section of the library.

Take a photo of something interesting you find at the library you’ve chosen. It could be of a book, journal or some other library material; it could be an architectural feature, or something else that might intrigue your Discussion Section Leader and fellow students. Make it interesting for them!

If you do not have a camera (or camera phone) your discussion section leader will pair you up with someone who does, for the purposes of this exercise. If you are paired up, please note that each student will be responsible for selecting and uploading one image (i.e. the assignment is one image per student, not one image per pair).

PLEASE turn off your flash and do not disturb staff or other library users. If people are visible in your photo, ask their permission first.

UPLOAD AND CAPTION your photo, according to these instructions:

Go to
Login information is here:
*password: liberalarts1!
From the uploading options (panel at the top of the screen), click on “photo”
Click inside the upload box; navigate to the location of the photo on your hard drive; upload your photo
Add a caption:
Last name, first name (bold) (highlight the text to see formatting options)
Name of library (bold)
Your explanation/comment
Tag: ls1fall2016
Click on “post”
Account (icon of a person) > Logout

Ignore the spam posts - they do not show up on the public interface, which is at:

Note that everyone is using the same login and password so if someone else is using the account you may not be able to login. Don’t leave this assignment til the last minute!

And: this site may be used in Library and course publicity. If you don’t want your name attached to your posting, you may login AFTER December 19 and remove your name (don’t delete the post, please). Thanks!

If you have questions about this assignment, feel free to e-mail Corliss Lee at or Tim Dilworth at

If you have questions about research or using the campus libraries, feel free to drop by any library reference desk. There are reference desks in most campus libraries, including on the 2nd floor Doe Library (M-Th 10-6, F 10-5).

Or, try our 24/7 chat service! From the Library home page at, click on the Questions? Ask Us! icon.